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Designed For Beginner, Intermediate, And Advanced Levels
~ From Angie Spencer, RN, Running Coach, 
and Co-Host of the acclaimed Marathon Training Academy Podcast  ~
Whether you are a new runner or have many marathons under your belt there is something for you!

New Runners

Who Want To Complete Their FIRST Marathon!

Intermediate Runners

Who Want To Take Their Running To The Next Level!

Advanced Runners

Who Want To Win Their Age Group Or Place Top Consistently! 

And Most Importantly: Accomplish All Of This While Staying Injury Free!!!

The MTA Academy Helps Members:

  • Run a Personal Record (PR)
  • ​Complete Your First Marathon
  • ​Qualify for Boston
  • ​Build Strength and Endurance
  • ​Run Injury Free
  • Run Back to Back Races
  • ​Fuel for Better Performance
  • ​Train for an Ultramarathon
  • ​Manage Time for Training
  • ​Connect With Epic People From Around The World!
The ACADEMY exists to provide education, support, and guidance to runners who love to challenge themselves and see the transformation running can bring.
Here's what you get:

MTA Training Plans

Membership includes all the training plans we sell on the MTA website for full marathon, half marathon, and 50k.

In-Depth Training Courses

Eight multi-lesson training courses will take you through our step-by-step system for conquering the marathon.

Strength Training for Runners

Our new strength program focusing on stability, core, and lifting heavy to give you explosive strength and better endurance on race day!

Archived Podcast Episodes

Over five years of back episodes no longer publicly available, guaranteed to make you laugh and enjoy the miles.

Latest Training Bonuses 

New premium training resources, interviews, and bonus content added regularly to the "latest training" page.

Private Member's Only Facebook Group 

Quite simply the most awesome group on FB.  Connect with Angie, Trev, and other members daily for support and motivation.
GAIN full access to our life changing content and awesome online community!
  • Support - Inspiring Online Community! 
  • Knowledge - Dive Deep into our 8 Training Courses
  • Smart Training Plans - Beginner, Intermediate, and PR
  • Nutrition - Entire course on Nutrition for Runners 
  • Fueling Wisdom​- Solve the biggest mystery runners face
  • Strength -Our new Strength Training for Runners Program
  • Archived Podcast Episodes - Access to the MTA Vault
  • Injury Prevention​- A blueprint for pain free running
  • Goal Achievement​- Train to set a PR or run a new distance
  • Video Interviews - Watch us interview special guests
  • Mental Training​- A focus on developing mental toughness
  • Long Run Mastery ​- The right way to do long runs
  • Speed and Distance - Help achieving your running goals
  • Fat AdaptationTraining - How to burn fat as fuel
  • Race Day Strategy - Take anxiety out of race day
  • Confidence - MTA removes the guesswork
  • Get Your Questions Answered
  • Stay Motivated - Become invested in your success
  • AND MUCH MORE!!    
Here Are Some Game Changing Topics We Cover In The ACADEMY:
  • What to Eat Before & After a Long Run 
  • Training on a Busy Schedule 
  • Psychological Tricks to keep Running 
  • How to Prevent Plantar Fasciitis   
  • How to Run in the Heat without Dehydration
  • How to Deal With Runner's Knee
  • The Secrets of Core Training
  • Busting Through Weight Loss Plateaus
  • How to Run Faster
  • What to Look for in Buying a Shoe 
  • When to Push through Pain 
  • Clearing the Mind of the Negative
  • Effective Cross-Training exercises
  • How to Perfect Your Running Form
  • How to Fuel During the Marathon
  • Effective Recovery from Injury
  • Foods That Boost Performance 
  • What Kind of Yoga is Best for Runners 
  • Strategies to Prevent Bonking
  • Relaxed Running and Breathing 
  • How to Deal with Muscle Soreness  
  • Running Through Sickness
  • Defensive Running Tactics 
  • Understanding the Vitamins and Supplements Every Runner Needs
All content is 100% Digital ~ Downloadable ~ Actionable.
Choose From 3 Affordable Payment Options: 
~ Option 1 ~
$1997 VALUE
All Access Membership 
one time payment of $499
*One time payment that gives you access to everything.  NO RENEWAL NECESSARY 

This Level Also Comes With These Products. . .  

If you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund 
your payment. No Questions Asked!
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~ Option 2 ~
$997 VALUE
1 Year Membership 
one time payment of $240  ($60 Savings)
*This level includes The Fat Adapted Eating Plan 
If you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund 
your payment. No Questions Asked!
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~ Option 3 ~
$997 VALUE
Monthly Membership
only pay $25 a month
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You will only be charged the monthly fee as long as you stay a member and cancellation is easy. 
Pay as you go.  Cancel anytime.


If you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund 
your payment.
No Questions Asked!

Amazing Results From The MTA Academy!
"Completed my first marathon! No injuries! Great hydration! Mental motivation! Thanks everyone! I definitely never would have thought I could do it til I started listening into Angie and Trevor and MTA!" -Laura M.
"I enjoyed accomplishing my goal of my first marathon. Angie's encouragement and game plan worked wonders. The North Face Endurance Challenge was a fun and challenging race through the hilly wooded trails." -Scott A.
"I ran my 5th half marathon today and PR'd by over 3 minutes!! I really think that the MTA training plan I'm following to train for my first marathon is really making a difference. I'm so glad I found this group!!"  -Nikki M.
"Shout out to Angie Spencer for helping me meet my goal of finishing a marathon feeling good rather than hurting! A one hour 10 minute PR -- huge icing on the cake -- that I can eat now that I have burned all of those calories!"  -Sharon W.
"Just a moment to brag and thanks MTA for the support in running they gave me . . . 
I contacted MTA, joined the Academy and they both coached me every step of the way thru my first half in Munich and Full in Hamburg."  -Gregory C.
"I am elated about an almost 16 min PR at this race.  Your amazing training plan and encouragement made this possible.  Also, the MTA community as a support has been amazing."   -Wendy S.
"Boston bound 3:21:52! I emailed Angie Spencer several times these last few days and needed every piece of information she gave me to do this." -Lee S.

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